Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reverb10 - Day 1

It is day 7 on Reverb10 but my day 1 so I'll kick this off by covering the prompts in the first six days together.  One word from someone who writes for a living - hah!  Breathe, that's it.  Breathe in life, family, friendship, love, writing, reading and the glorious winter weather in New York.  Writing - what can I eliminate that doesn't contribute to my writing?  Shopping - do it all online and only for those who truly deserve gifts.  One moment this year?  When I drove off route 27 and arrived in East Hampton - early morning, crisp air, sun that didn't burn, trees lots of trees but no palm trees.  I had arrived home and my body relaxed and my mind ramped up.  Cold weather is where I belong.  How did I cultivate a sense of wonder this year?  Facing my laptop out toward the woods, pausing to watch the deer and wild turkeys, the leaves blowing off the trees and the first snow fall.  I let go of people who just had an outstretched palm.  Done with the takers and on to the sharers.  Make.  Just finished knitting Wool & the Gang's Jane collar in a luscious bulky caramel color yarn.  Re-working the pattern on a thinner yarn in cream - almost finished.  Simultaneously I knitted an infinity scarf with Artyarns gorgeous green bulky yarn.  So yummy I haven't taken it off except to sleep.  That covers the first six days of #Reverb10.

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