Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9 - Reverb10 Prompt - Party

My 30th High School reunion - had avoided previous reunions but the stars aligned on this one - best friend Hillary came in from Cap d'Antibes and we met up with dear Jimmy before heading off to the event.  Bonus time spent with Alessandra and Juliana her adorable daughters - we went to Big Apple Circus with Paulette (grand mere).  So we came into the house on the grounds of the Merchant Marine Academy three-strong.  DJ playing 80s dance music - didn't sound good to me then and hasn't improved with age.  So busy talking to people I barely remembered that I didn't make it to the buffet - heard I didn't miss anything.  In the middle of this a member of the class entered in full Scottish regalia playing the bagpipes in remembrance of our classmates who are no longer with us.  Odd choice as most of us are Jewish.  Didn't remember the piper nor most of those pictured on the screen without accompanying names.  Cut out as soon as we could and headed off to Scobee Diner - closed early - little did we know that in the following weeks Scobee would close permanently followed by an auction of the guts of our favorite hang-out.  Who would want an old booth, grease embossed counter top and those gnarly rotating cake display units.  It was a great evening, haven't stayed out until 4:30 am in I don't know how many years.  Good to connect with my history and those I don't have to explain where I come from to.

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