Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10 - Reverb10 Prompt - Wisdom

Gave my old laptop in excellent condition to the grandkids of the woman who cleaned my apartment in Atlanta.  Made her life better as she didn't have to sit around in the library after a day of hard work while the kids waited in line to use the computer.  In fact, I centered most of my giving on these four little girls.  Information about Women's History Month and a book from the website - anything to add some education on top of what they get in school.  Another joy, mentoring at Kipp Strive in Atlanta via the Wren's Nest former home, now a house museum, of the gentlemen who wrote the Uncle Remus books.  Met some super people, was happy to learn about a school that does what a school is supposed to do - enrich, educate and enliven.  Loved meeting my 5th grader mentee, Kwesi, and working with him to write the essay about his grandfather which was included in a book published in time for the Decatur Book Fair.  He is a cutie patootie and so bright.  Good decisions both - got me out of my box and out of the house among kids.  Ignited fire in my soul encouraging kids to write.  Loved getting the book reports I assigned.  Being with kids is wondrous, calming, inspiring and joyful.  Noisy, aggravating and exhausting too.  Spend more time with kids in 2011 was a wise decision and is on my to do list for 2011.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 9 - Reverb10 Prompt - Party

My 30th High School reunion - had avoided previous reunions but the stars aligned on this one - best friend Hillary came in from Cap d'Antibes and we met up with dear Jimmy before heading off to the event.  Bonus time spent with Alessandra and Juliana her adorable daughters - we went to Big Apple Circus with Paulette (grand mere).  So we came into the house on the grounds of the Merchant Marine Academy three-strong.  DJ playing 80s dance music - didn't sound good to me then and hasn't improved with age.  So busy talking to people I barely remembered that I didn't make it to the buffet - heard I didn't miss anything.  In the middle of this a member of the class entered in full Scottish regalia playing the bagpipes in remembrance of our classmates who are no longer with us.  Odd choice as most of us are Jewish.  Didn't remember the piper nor most of those pictured on the screen without accompanying names.  Cut out as soon as we could and headed off to Scobee Diner - closed early - little did we know that in the following weeks Scobee would close permanently followed by an auction of the guts of our favorite hang-out.  Who would want an old booth, grease embossed counter top and those gnarly rotating cake display units.  It was a great evening, haven't stayed out until 4:30 am in I don't know how many years.  Good to connect with my history and those I don't have to explain where I come from to.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beautifully Different - Day 8

What makes me "beautifully different," is that I care and people sense that along with my generosity of spirit, information, time and money.  I give whatever I have because I believe that tomorrow will bring me more of whatever I need.  I've been told that my smile is infrequent but worth waiting for.  Had a client once who said that I "give good leg" his vernacular way of complimenting me.  It is all what is in my head and heart and that's what I look for in others - physical beauty comes and goes, changes with the trends though classic beauty is always in style.  Nothing better than a crisp white button down shirt, jeans, a good belt and pair of sneakers, hair back in pony tail (wish there was an elegant way of describing this hair style) and some simple but "good" jewelry.  Think the Hepburn women - my style icons and their charitable way of living is my working model - Audrey with Unicef and Katherine with the cultural center in Connecticut.  Doing well by doing  good is my modus operandi.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


HIllary, Me and Jim at my 30th High School Reunion -
now that's something to write about.

Writing is what I do.  Always on the lookout for a way to jump start my day and have employed Julia Cameron's Artist Pages for at least a decade.  For those who don't enjoy a journal and pen here's a super new place to get your 3 pages written  I like the mind dump so much that I am willing to try it online and do it twice a day.  Wondering what to send me for the holidays?  Mont Blanc Cartridge refills.  Not expensive and much appreciated. Another super application for writers of any stripe is - locks out everything but the writing until you tell it otherwise.  Plays subtle music which helps me concentrate and you can silence this as well.  If you are stuck or too easily distracted put down the Ritalin and check out these two programs.  Back to writing...

Reverb10 - Day 7

Community - among my favorite words.  Found community upon my move to East Hampton by reaching out to publisher Marty Shepard at a neighbor in Sag Harbor.  Received a warm welcome with open arms and a first invitation to visit him at the "office."  His German Shepherd, Monty, is my new bff.  Left with an armful of books including his current memoir, ON THE RECORD.  Read it in one clip.  Second invitation, dinner to meet his wife and business partner, Judy, and three wonderful writers who also make this super cold part of Long Island their home year-round.  Jenny, Joan and Mary.  What a treat.  Third invitation is for dinner tonight.  Can't wait to discover more about my new friends.

Reverb10 - Day 1

It is day 7 on Reverb10 but my day 1 so I'll kick this off by covering the prompts in the first six days together.  One word from someone who writes for a living - hah!  Breathe, that's it.  Breathe in life, family, friendship, love, writing, reading and the glorious winter weather in New York.  Writing - what can I eliminate that doesn't contribute to my writing?  Shopping - do it all online and only for those who truly deserve gifts.  One moment this year?  When I drove off route 27 and arrived in East Hampton - early morning, crisp air, sun that didn't burn, trees lots of trees but no palm trees.  I had arrived home and my body relaxed and my mind ramped up.  Cold weather is where I belong.  How did I cultivate a sense of wonder this year?  Facing my laptop out toward the woods, pausing to watch the deer and wild turkeys, the leaves blowing off the trees and the first snow fall.  I let go of people who just had an outstretched palm.  Done with the takers and on to the sharers.  Make.  Just finished knitting Wool & the Gang's Jane collar in a luscious bulky caramel color yarn.  Re-working the pattern on a thinner yarn in cream - almost finished.  Simultaneously I knitted an infinity scarf with Artyarns gorgeous green bulky yarn.  So yummy I haven't taken it off except to sleep.  That covers the first six days of #Reverb10.