Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beautifully Different - Day 8

What makes me "beautifully different," is that I care and people sense that along with my generosity of spirit, information, time and money.  I give whatever I have because I believe that tomorrow will bring me more of whatever I need.  I've been told that my smile is infrequent but worth waiting for.  Had a client once who said that I "give good leg" his vernacular way of complimenting me.  It is all what is in my head and heart and that's what I look for in others - physical beauty comes and goes, changes with the trends though classic beauty is always in style.  Nothing better than a crisp white button down shirt, jeans, a good belt and pair of sneakers, hair back in pony tail (wish there was an elegant way of describing this hair style) and some simple but "good" jewelry.  Think the Hepburn women - my style icons and their charitable way of living is my working model - Audrey with Unicef and Katherine with the cultural center in Connecticut.  Doing well by doing  good is my modus operandi.


wholly jeanne said...

you're right: physical beauty (and fashion) comes and goes, but generosity of spirit is classic. good post!

Brooke Farmer said...

I have the same M.O.. you should check out the outreach program I'm trying to get started, perhaps you could help! (If you read my current post there is a link on the words "DO SOMETHING" with all the info.)

Love this post.

Dindy said...

Thanks Brooke and Jeanne - encouragement is my meal of choice.