Tuesday, December 7, 2010


HIllary, Me and Jim at my 30th High School Reunion -
now that's something to write about.

Writing is what I do.  Always on the lookout for a way to jump start my day and have employed Julia Cameron's Artist Pages for at least a decade.  For those who don't enjoy a journal and pen here's a super new place to get your 3 pages written www.750words.com.  I like the mind dump so much that I am willing to try it online and do it twice a day.  Wondering what to send me for the holidays?  Mont Blanc Cartridge refills.  Not expensive and much appreciated. Another super application for writers of any stripe is www.ommwriter.com - locks out everything but the writing until you tell it otherwise.  Plays subtle music which helps me concentrate and you can silence this as well.  If you are stuck or too easily distracted put down the Ritalin and check out these two programs.  Back to writing...

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